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Sodium Hyaluronate in Food Supplements

Sodium Hyaluronate in Food Supplements

Sodium Hyaluronate in Food Supplements

Food Supplements Product Name: Sodium Hyaluronate

Synonyms: Sodium Hyaluronate, Hyaluronan, Hyaluronate, HA

Sodium Hyaluronate (HA) is a naturally occurring biopolymer that is widely distributed in the connective tissues of animals and humans.

HA supplements can be used to treat or prevent aging-related health problems, including: chronic fatigue syndrome, chronic joint pain, and fibromyalgia.

Oral supplementation of HA has been found to improve bone density and prevent osteoporosis, increase muscle strength, and enhance sexual function.

HA can also be safely added to everyday foods and beverages. HA is readily absorbed and distributed to the skin and joints.

HA can also be safely added to every day staples, such as beverages, cookies, candy and ice-cream. It is quickly absorbed and distributed to the skin and joints after a single oral administration.

Product Information

ALB all-natural Food Grade Sodium Hyaluronate is manufactured through fermentation with streptococcus equi, subsp. Zooepidemicus. The raw materials used are non-animal sourced, non-GMO, and pose no BSE/TSE risk. Our production is strictly managed according to ISO 9001 and GMP standards and is Kosher and Halal certified.

Today, many countries around the world use hyaluronic acid as a food additive in food industry. Japan established hyaluronic acid standards for using hyaluronic acid as a food additive, and widely use it in food manufacturing, which indicate the safety of hyaluronic acid in food. Other countries such as China, the United States, and South Korea have also add hyaluronic acid to the food.

Hyaluronic acid was first applied to the production of health foods due to its characteristics and health functions. Shiseido launched an oral solution called Collagen with hyaluronic acid and small molecule fish collagen as the main ingredients, which is popular among women.

In Japan hyaluronic acid is also widely used in ordinary foods that people need in daily life, such as yogurt, juice, green tea, carbonated beverages etc., snack foods like soft candy and jelly, and salad dressings, condiment such as jam and honey etc. For example, Meiji Seika Co., Ltd. has introduced a jelly containing hyaluronic acid, which uses hyaluronic acid and collagen as the main active ingredients in jelly, which can effectively supplement the nutrients lost by the body during exercise. This jelly can be found in most of supermarket. New Drug Co., Ltd. specializes in a hyaluronic acid-containing beverage, which is mainly composed of hyaluronic acid and fruit juice, and is popular among teenagers. KF has introduced a variety of jelly containing hyaluronic acid, which become parents' first choice. Chubby also introduced salad dressings containing hyaluronic acid, which also has a wide market in China.

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Sodium Hyaluronate in Food Supplements

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